How to manage dry skin and rosacea

Climate can affect your skin, and coupled with rosacea, that can be hard to manage. Here is how I helped reduce my redness while treating my dry skin.

I’ve spent the last eight years in drought-stricken South Australia. Like the climate around me, my skin was rather dry. During that time I was diagnosed with rosacea.

I put in place a method to ease the affects of not only the dryness but also the burning sensation of rosacea, while covering up its primary symptom: redness.

For those of you who think you may have rosacea, I’d suggest going to a dermatologist to be extra sure. Causes can be different for different people and symptoms can be too. Here were mine:

  • Flakiness;
  • Redness on my chin, the centre of my cheeks and forehead;
  • Some redness on my decolletage;
  • Breaking out when exposed to too much heat and;
  • Breaking out when consuming ‘heaty foods’ (coffee, cheese, chillis, red meat, alcohol, basically all the yummy things).

When I initially got rosacea I was 20 years old and had broken out all over, despite only getting one or two pimples during puberty. It was a shock to the system. I was prone to blushing (hence the title of my website) and after a while the blush never went away.

This is what my skin looked like after spending all day in the sun:

To combat the effects of my new skin condition I had to get a steroid cream but that became too harsh for my dry and sensitive skin so I decided to cut down on dairy, sugar and spice. I also managed to cut my six-coffees-a-day routine to just two-coffees-a-day.

On top of that I decided to implement a regular skin care routine and incorporated a range of products. I found that I had to change it up because either my skin was rejecting the products or their effectiveness was only temporary.

My holy grail products were:

  • Rosehip oil
  • Ultrabland by Lush
  • Nivea Creme
  • Every Morning Moisturiser by Goodness
  • Bye Bye Redness by It Cosmetics

I was a regular makeup wearer and found I had to start (for insecure reasons) buying ‘full coverage’ products like:

  • Maybelline Better Skin foundation: I did a review series on this product when my skin was at its worse. Needless to say it didn’t work too well for me, but I’m open to trying the new formula.
  • Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base: This was a good primer but it was overly green and gave me an unhealthy tone under my makeup. I ended up just using the Bye Bye Redness cream instead.
  • Clinique Supermoister makeup (in 04 Ivory) : this was super satisfying for my parched skin.
  • It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation: This combined with the Bye Bye Redness cream was my favorite combination because I found it provided moisture and locked it in for a flawless coverage all day.
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place: This was actually my faveourite all day, no mess and no fuss makeup. I wore it to work and casual outings and reserved the above combination for formal events. However at some point they changed the formula (I think) and it no longer works for me.

The makeup routine I cultivated for myself combined with my strict skincare routine made a great difference on my skin. In the mornings my redness is minimal, I no longer break out and I feel more confident.

That is until I moved to Sydney three months ago and woke up one day with extremely oily skin.

Stay tuned for how I’ve developed a new routine to care for my (for lack of better words) new skin.

Sama x

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