Ekphrasis: A moonlight ocean by James Ashton

On one of the first outings with my fiance (then friend) KC, we went to the SA art gallery to indulge in some ekphrasis.

Then one day before I packed all my belongings up and moved interstate we decided to do it again.

I tried to find the painting which inspired me but it seems the only way you will be able to see it is if you travel to see it in person.

Here is a showcase of some of his work.

Ekphrasis is a process which I find really inspiring. By looking at someone else’s art and turning that into my own interpretation and poetry is really fulfilling but each time I do it, I worry if I’ve done the art justice.

Maybe you can let me know in the comments below if I did or not.

In the crushing night

Salt waves mask salt tears

A glimmer of moon ribboned

On the blue black ocean surface

Can the light touch what lies beneath

Can the creatures, roaming lazily or frenzied alike feel the kiss of sight

Toe by toe a creature of the land

Skin glowing from the ribboned moon

Naked her body succumbs to the deep cold waves

The creatures below barely aware

She fully aware of what will be

What she sees is endless teeth

Glowing traps and the call to return to the sea

The land creature takes faith in her ancestral curse

Toes calves knees buttocks breasts shoulders and head

Submerged she breathed in the salty calm

Her tears lost in her surroundings

She is free

She is free 

The landlocked mermaid queen 

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