Sculpture for sight

I recently spoke with the Events Director of Sight For All, Mena Muecke, on Radio Adelaide.  Listen to the interview here.

In this conversation I learnt how one idea can lead to great change. Mena’s husband, James Muecke and their friends Henry Newland and Bob Casson were volunteering in Asia and saw a gap in the provision of eye health services. 

They embarked on a journey to create Sight For All – a organisation dedicated to improving the sight of those who need it most.

“Diabetes is now the leading cause of blindness among working class Australians,” Mena said

Their values: 

Collaboration – Encouraging participation of all stakeholders.

Sustainability – Fostering self-reliance through comprehensive evidence-based projects.

Respect – Promoting human rights in all dealings.

They promote their values through studies, establishing speciality units relating to areas such as glaucoma and ophthalmology, workshops, campaigns, vision services for schools as well as infrastructure support. 

Ten years on they are celebrating their work, their contributors and inclusive art at their event Sculpture For Sight.

In a world where 270 million people are vision impaired, Sight For All’s work is extremely valuable.

When: December 15 

Where: St Mark’s College, North Terrace, Adelaide 

Price: $150 (not cheap but definitely goes to a good cause) 

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